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A Season of Hope!

Running Our Race!

Min. Jacqui Smith

August 15, 2021

God is Faithful!

Pastor Derek Ahkoi

August 8, 2021

Trust in the Lord!

Pastor Tony R. Hart Sr.
Executive Pastor

August 1, 2021

How Do We Trust God in the Process?

Pastor jeff Krajewski
of CommonGround-midtown

July 25, 2021 

Bigger than the Hype!

Pastor Geoff Sherrell
TriStone Church, Bakerfield, CA

July 18, 2021 

It Ain't Over!

Pastor Kenneth Rush

July 11, 2021

Faith in the Furnace!

Pastor Eugene Simmons

July 4, 2021

Trust the Evidence

Dr. Anthony Sanders

June 27, 2021

A Death Defying Daddy!

Dr. Joseph Tucker edmonds

June 20, 2021

A Time to Die and
a Time to Live

Minister Jacqui Smith

May 23, 2021

Season Your Speech!

Pastor Derek Ahkoi

May 30 , 2021

He Already Knew What He Was Going to Do

Pastor Tony R. Hart Sr

May 23, 2021

Accepted By The Beloved

Min. Velo Taylor

May 16, 2021

A Mother's Day Message

Dr. Lauren Dungy-Pothress

May 9, 2021

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