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Meet The Team

Rueben Davis

As part of “God’s CREW,” I look forward to an amazing journey with young adults ready and willing to grow closer to God! In this ministry, we can study the Bible, encourage each other, share our struggles, our triumphs, and discover God’s purpose for our lives. For God’s Kingdom, we are generation NOW!

Dr. Coryn Love-Davis

What will the CREW do? The CREW will be the catalyst to ignite personal, professional, and church-wide changes that will allow all of us to live the lives God has destined us to live! We are Ready. Willing. Able

Tera Malichi

Being part of the CREW will give me a sense of unity and belonging with individuals of my age group, who are going through some of the same issues, while trying to get closer to God! It is not easy being young and single now a days and the CREW helps me realize I am not alone! Gods got my back, and so does the CREW!!!

Nia Bigby

I am very excited to be a part of the C.R.E.W.. I know this experience will allow myself, and others, to grow spiritually, while getting to know our fellow church family.

Erin Austin

I love the CREW! I believe being a part of the CREW will create the opportunity to be with of a group of like-minded young adults, who love God. I am looking forward to serving with ready, willing, and able gladiators for Christ.


Stay tuned!!! Join the CREW

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